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The global short-term rental market is a $1.2 trillion industry with demand outpacing supply. Join us on the ground floor as we capitalize on a rapidly growing market.

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Over 20,000 investors in process. Come and join them!

About Us

Who We Are

Real estate is considered to be America’s most popular investment1, and the emerging short-term rental market has been a fascinating — and quickly growing — sector in the industry recently.  However, too many investors are locked out of the market by high costs and time-consuming management. reAlpha has the answer. We’re building a platform where anyone will be able to buy shares in reAlpha’s properties at the tap of a finger.2

reAlpha is ready to meet the moment.  We are building a platform3 where anyone will be able to buy shares in reAlpha’s Airbnb properties. We leverage proprietary algorithms to choose the most Airbnb-viable properties to add to the reAlphaHOMES portfolio. Right now, you can take the spot typically reserved for VCs, because we’ve opened up this opportunity to everyone.


Why do we make it real


Meet The
reAlpha Crew

We’re a team of disruptors and innovators bringing our combined years of market expertise to every decision we make.

Giri Devanur

Entrepreneur with Nasdaq IPO experience
EY Entrepreneur of the Year
Masters at Columbia University

Mike Logozzo

Managing Director at L Marks
Former GM at BMW Financial Services
Former EY Consultant

Christie Currie

L Marks innovation & strategy consultant
Experienced B2C healthcare entrepreneur
Masters at Columbia University


Thanks to the rise of Airbnb and VRBO, the vacation rental market is red hot. 10 million short-term rentals are currently operating around the world, from Toronto, Canada, to Tangier, Morocco, and even in your hometown. We’re building a portfolio of vacation-ready properties to get our slice of the global $1.2 trillion vacation rental pie. Just look at these stats:

4M hosts now on the Airbnb platform and millions of new will need to meet the demand6
Airbnb hosts earned
a record of $34
Billion in 20217
In 2021, Airbnb listing
revenue was up 76.6%
from 20208
The digital nomad effect –
24% of Airbnb stays are 28 days or more9
6 guests check into an Airbnb listing every second10


Stage 1

raise capital

Right now, you can invest as a shareholder in reAlpha’s property company, reAlpha Asset Management, Inc, for just $1,000. Most companies typically open up this kind of opportunity to VCs and private equity…but we’re doing it the democratic way through our Regulation A offering.  For a description of our Regulation A offering, please review our SEC-qualified offering circular here. This opportunity has been qualified by the SEC and is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors in nearly every state.
Stage 2

Buıld The Portfolıo

Your investment, along with the capital provided by other Reg A shareholders, will be used to acquire as many top-quality short-term rental properties as possible using proprietary, AI-driven technology to determine Airbnb viability.
As we purchase properties, we intend to add them to our app, so you will have visibility into how the portfolio is growing and performing. We plan for property management and rental income streams to be actively re-invested to fuel acquisition growth. For an initial holding period, reAlpha Homes will be the only owner.
Stage 3

Open fractional ownership in individual properties

In the future, we plan to open up the “consumer” level of our app, allowing users to invest in individual properties as fractional owners through the broker-dealer managed marketplace.
reAlpha Homes, the company in which you’d invest in through our Regulation A, will maintain its 51% stake and managing control.
We handle the dirty work: renovations, furnishings, and property management
Stage 4

grow portfolio

When reAlpha app members fund the other 49%, this will unlock reAlpha’s previously contributed capital, which we plan to reinvest into more properties, growing the reAlphaHOMES portfolio.
It is our expectation that we will accomplish this without dilution to Reg A shareholders who get in now at the beginning.

Buying Decisions Backed by Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to finding the highest-potential properties to buy and add to the portfolio, we have an ace up our sleeve.

We identify properties with the highest rental potential thanks to our proprietary AI/ML platform, the reAlphaBRAIN. This artificial intelligence was built to score thousands of properties on 25+ factors within seconds.
We recognize that AI isn’t exactly capable of telling us whether the 80s pink-tiled bathroom is retro-chic or tragic. So, we developed an app for that. HUMINT stands for “Human Intelligence”.
The reAlphaBRAIN algorithm consistently learns & builds correlations to the attributes
of top-performing properties.

Our Property-Analyzing Criteria

Here's how our proprietary AI, the reAlphaBRAIN, finds the most Airbnb viable properties.
Patent Pending


We are building a technology driven portfolio of short term rental properties as the vacation rental market expands past 10 million units worldwide. With the help of our proprietary algorithims, we are buying exceptional vacation-ready properties. We want you to join us, so that you, too, can get a slice of this $1.2 trillion pie!

join us on the ground floor

Invest Now

Become A Shareholder and Take a Vacation…. Accomodations on us!

Tier 1
Investment Amount
A 100% discount on two days of stay in ReAlpha properties will be awarded.
Tier 2
Investment Amount
A 100% discount on four days of stay in ReAlpha properties will be awarded.
Tier 3
Investment Amount
A 100% discount on eight days of stay in ReAlpha properties will be awarded.
Tier 4
Investment Amount
A 100% discount on sixteen days of stay in ReAlpha properties will be awarded.


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I believe in the concept of making money with VRBO or Airbnb. I have a rental home on a canal (intercostal) in Pt Pleasant, NJ, and plan to do a monthly rental.
Texas USA
I've been investing in real estate crowdfunding for years and reAlpha provides additional diversification with an extra on market innovation. Short-term rentals are going nowhere but up and I firmly believe in the democratization of real estate investments as well as the professionalization of Airbnb rentals.
Texas, USA
I listened to a podcast with ReAlpha's CEO and I was very impressed with the prospects of the business. I am an early investor in StartEngine so I am familiar with making Reg A investments.reAlpha provides an opportunity to diversify into an alternative asset class, along with the potential for inflation protection.
Washington, USA
Investment for retirement!
Indiana, USA
Real estate has always been the best choice for investment. But now, reAlpha is providing the future of real state investment with short-term rentals, so I am just investing
in my future
Texas USA
I enjoy investing early with new start-ups.  I want to get more active in my Real Estate investing.
Oregon, USA
I do not want to manage Real Estate, reAlpha is a great way to invest in Real Estate without having to manage it.
Maine, USA
Short term rentals are a good investment I think. And I like the business goals that reAlpha is striving for – it’s very innovative and they invest back into the business. I am looking forward to seeing the future of reAlpha.
success gives back

The reImagine Fund

We believe in wealth creation for everyone. That’s why reAlpha Tech Corp plans to match up to 2% of the Regulation A raise to potentially create up to $30 million in real estate for underrepresented populations and enable our future workplace opportunity programs.

Seed capital for micro-entrepreneurs
Education and training programs for trades
Community programs, local artist sponsorship, and more

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